Parenting is challenging in and of itself, but parenting a child with developmental disabilities presents many specific challenges of its own. Parents need help in understanding their child’s behaviors and how to best support their needs. Parents play a significant role in the success of ABA therapy. Researchers say that when parents are involved, children learn faster and foster interactional abilities and play skills that help promote their functional development. Through parent training, parents will learn techniques that they can apply throughout the day to support their child when they encounter challenges or work on new skills.

Elevated Behavioral Therapy will guide families through the entire process, from authorization and assessment to direct therapy and ongoing support.

Benefits of Parent/Guardian Training

  • Increase child’s progress
  • Reduce stress
  • Understand how their child’s treatment works
  • Learn how to use ABA treatment modalities
  • Learn practical strategies to balance their child’s needs with the rest of the family