The COVID pandemic introduced many challenges to the lives of many individuals, including those with special needs. Some of those challenges included limited social interactions, confinement at home and changes in routine. Some parents decided to pause services, however, that does not mean that ABA services must stop. Telehealth ABA provides an opportunity to receive support, parent consultation sessions, observation and recommendations, or direct treatment through the use of technology.

Telehealth ABA means you’ll be working with a behavior analyst and their team by computer or phone instead of in-person. You work on the same type of goals as you would in a typical ABA therapy program. Sessions can be as short as 60 minutes and can occur multiple times per week dependent on your schedule and availability. ABA services received through telehealth allow families to maintain their child’s behaviors through a secure and easy virtual meeting.

Some Of The Benefits of Telehealth ABA Include:

  • Proven effectiveness
  • Ongoing progress
  • Collaboration with BCBA
  • Opportunity to learn new skills
  • Assessments via telehealth
  • Avoid regression
  • Family collaboration